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Dear Prague, I was pretty sure that 4 days are more than enough as flying to you came as a last minute surprise. Boy, was I wrong.

There’s so much to do in Prague, not only in terms of sight seeing, but also in terms of eating, shopping and I haven’t even started talking about what else is there to do in the Czech Republic. And that’s why for sure, I marked Prague as a place to return to in the upcoming year.


First thing I do when I get to a new place, is just roaming around, getting to know the places and people. The second thing I do is to get a walking tour that takes you to most well known attractions and also gives you a bit of insight regarding the place, it’s history and people. In Prague, there are several walking tour operators , some of them for free.

Some of the places I wouldn’t want to miss:

Old Town Square – it’s usually packed and full with local food stands. It’s quite touristy but it was our compass for navigating through the city. Charles Bridge, Prague Castle, The Dancing House and for those of you who want a spectacular view of the Old Town Square – I would recommend to climb all the way to the top of Old Town Hall. Another spot I would recommend for all you view lovers – Petrin Hill, it’s a bit of a climb and you can also use the cable car. Either way, the view is worth it.

Other than that, we had a really great shopping, basically anywhere between Old Town Square and the National Museum. Shops and Malls are available and prices are relatively low (depends where you’re coming from).

So yes, shopping, sightseeing, eating and visiting Karlovy Vary wasn’t enough in one weekend, my recommendation is either you come for more time or you come back again.


On our last day, we decided to visit Karlovy Vary, 2.5 hours from Prague. Besides the fact it’s hidden gem in terms of the natural beauty surrounding it, it was built for a king (King Karl, who founded it in 1370) and so the city has the classic European architecture and it’s beautifully preserved. The city is famous for its natural springs and we decided to go for a spa treatment. This was a nice activity:)


So basically everywhere we ate in Prague was ridiculously tasty, not sure if because we we’re pretty lucky or that the food is just good.

One restaurant I would highly recommend as it was one of the best meals I’ve ever had in my life(!) is the amazing Sa Sa Zu .

Do order in advance!


2 Essential Tips

I hate spotting off the negative,  but these are something you should pay attention to :

– Currency Exchange – Please pay attention when you exchange money that the rates aren’t final, and after you sign the transaction they take a big commission. Best tip is to ask at the counter how much money will you receive after commission included what will help you make a better decision.

– Theft – so prior to arriving, I read about Prague being Europe’s pickpockets capital (Maybe only second to Barcelona). I didn’t encounter anything close to this, but I would recommend to pay attention.