Zamarin Hotel in Zichron Yaakov, Israel.

Zichron Yaakov is city situated just South of Haifa, a big city in North Israel.

It is located at the southern end of the Carmel mountain range overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

I visited the city for the weekend and stayed at the Zamarin Hotel, a boutique hotel constructed of an iconic templar landmark.

The Hotel

The hotel has 11 rooms, each has a different design and signature, designed by Michal Livne.

Each room is named after a different wine grape as this area is known for its vineyards.

Our room was beautiful, specious and clean.

As we got to the room, we were welcomed by a fresh fruit platter and the smell of the clementine trees just outside our terrace.

One thing I felt throughout the visit, is that feeling that every single detail was thought out and made with love;

like a fresh jar of milk or the hand made aromatherapy small pillows that filled our bed with a unique aroma.

A visit to a family winery

Just across from the hotel, you can find the Dahan’s Family winery called Somek Winery.

Somek Winery is very unique, as it is only using grapes from the family vineyard which owns it since 1882 in Bika’at Hanadiv right next to Zichron Yaakov.

The winery itself is located inside the Dahan’s family house. The visit includes a tour in the winery, wine tasting next to some cheese, nuts and fruits.

I think that in Israeli terms and maybe in general, Somek is a unique winery with really great wine (especially the white wine) and I intend to visit there again.

Non Ending Culinary Experience

From the winery we went straight to dinner at Hameyasdim 16 Restaurant, right next to the hotel.

The restaurant offers mostly meat dishes (great food) and amazing service!

In the morning, we went for breakfast at the Tishbi Winery Restaurant (another local family winery), where we had a great meal with fresh, oven baked breads, vegetables, cheese and eggs (love that Israeli breakfast).

The restaurant is just a 5 minutes walk from the hotel (it can be included in your stay and you get a voucher).

Food Update: Since we didn’t eat for 4 hours 😉 we decided to head out for lunch.

The hotel recommended Adama Restaurant , a distance of 5 minutes drive from the hotel.

The restaurant is famous for its gluten free amazing dishes like the best creamy chestnut soup you will probably taste, salads, sea food and more.

After a second night, we headed back home.

Bottom line: A great weekend break for couples with amazing culinary options and wineries.

Further more, Zamarin is about to open its spa soon enough – so I think I’ll be back soon as well.


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Best, Ella