A weekend in Athens and 5 reasons why you should visit

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The thing that was most surprising to me as we arrived to Athens, was the fact it felt just like home.

The city had great energy, great food(!) and great people,  and if you’re looking to go for a long weekend, for a relatively cheap, tasty, fun place within 5 hours flight (maximum) – I would recommend to consider Athens as that destination.

So here is my rundown of 5 reasons why you should visit Athens:

  1. A blend of the old and the new – Athens is a mix of the old world overlooking the contemporary city. One might say that the contemporary city isn’t as beautiful as its historical antiques and I would agree to that, yet the city has its own magic and is full of delicious great food, amazing energy and very kind people.


  1. Young, hip vibe – Athens is full of young people, bars, clubs and street food. The weekend is a great opportunity to experience the night life and it’s safe to say Athens won’t let you down on this one.


  1. Great Weather most of the year – Athens has great weather for about 280-300 days a year, so you can almost never go wrong when booking a vacation.


  1. Value for Money – Athens is not a expensive city in comparison to other big cities in Europe, and a weekend spent in Athens and its surroundings can be spent on the budget.


  1. There is much more to see just outside of Athens –

In a one to two hours drive from Athens there are many places for you see and experience like beaches, wineries and lakes such as Voliagmeni, Delphie, Greek wine country and Rafina.

 Let me know what you think!