Have You Heard About Loreto, Mexico?

שתפו לחברים/ות

עוד כתבות

מוזמנים ומוזמנות לחפש במדיה

באינסטגרם, פייסבוק, טיקטוק וטוויטר

שאלה? רעיון? דברו אליי

Off the beaten track experience in a small town called Loreto, Mexico.

Caution, as you might fall in love. I did.

Loreto is a small town located on the Gulf of Mexico, in the eastern part of Baja California Sur state in Mexico.

It is not a very touristic place to visit, so prepare for a pretty private vacation.

In short, Loreto is all about – crystal clear waters, golden sands beaches, dolphins, whales, seals, cactuses, mountains and tranquillity.

Oh, and how can I forget the Mexican food? So let’s start:

How to get there?

Before Loreto, we visited San Diego and Los Angeles as part of the amazing vacation with Tierra Marina Tours. Loreto was the last stop in our amazing trip.

We crossed the boarder from San Diego to Tijuana, Mexico and boarded a domestic flight to Loreto Airport.

Where to stay?

We travelled with Tierra Marina Tours, who own a few beautiful properties in Loreto (if you’re looking for AirBNB in Loreto – please contact me and leave a message on the site) and we stayed in one of they’re beach front villa.

The villa has 5 specious bedrooms, each room with its own bathroom.

The villa also has a huge kitchen, dining room and living room and a big pool overlooking the beach.

Tierra Marina Tours also has paddle boards, snorkeling gear and ATV’s so you can guess how much fun we had and also how nice it is to come to this kind of vacation only with your clothes and bathing suite as they have everything you need on the premises.

The view fro our villa

What to do in Loreto?

Island Hopping around Loreto is one of the best attractions if you’re like me and you love water attractions.

Tierra Marina Tours own a boat in Loreto’s Marina so we went of an island hopping tour with a local guide – where we saw and swam (!) with seals, dozens of them.

Here is a video of mine, playing with seals in Loreto:

Swimming with seals in Loreto, Mexico

From there, we continued on to the next island – Coronado, a paradise island with white sands and crystal clear water.

I had the pleasure to swim for an hour or so with dozens of pelicans fishing around me.

After coming back, we went back to the villa, hopped on the ATVs and went for a really fun ride at sunset.

I’m maybe a water activity person but this was new to me and therefore the most fun activity I had in Loreto.

We had so much fun on the ATVs, that we did it on every single sunset we had in Loreto.

The Amazing Mexican Food

For dinner we went to one of Loreto’s nice array of Mexican restaurants.

My last visit to Mexico a few years back was in the Caribbean Side, and Food was one of the highlights of that vacation.

I’m happy to say that this was no different – I love Mexican food and Loreto didn’t disappoint.

Whale & Dolphin Watching

We took the boat once again to another area in the gulf around Loreto in order to spot some whales!

on the way there we saw 2 packs of dolphins that were very welcoming and escorted us for much of the way.

We were told that it there’s a slight chance to see whales as this is not the best season.

We saw 3 whales on this day, one of them was identified as the beautiful, great blue whale.

Whale watching in Loreto, Mexico

Please note that the best time to watch whales in the dozens is between January-March.

We also went for another short island hopping further south, where we got to snorkel and swim in our own private beach on Carmen Island

Other Activities

Hiking in the Mountains around Loreto

Right behind the town of Loreto, you can find the beautiful mountain range. We went for a hike in the Tabor Canyon.

The hike included climbing on boulders, paddling in water pools and beautiful waterfalls.

Old Town Loreto

Loreto’s city center is ancient colonial town, founded in 1697.

It’s a beautiful area, full of restaurants and a great place to visit for dinner or lunch.

The End

Unfortunately, this trip had to come to an end.

I tried to live in denial about it but apparently I have a job and family back in Israel.

We took the flight back to Tijuana, crossed the border (took a few minutes) to San Diego and boarded a plane back to my beloved home of Tel Aviv.

If you’re interested in traveling with Tierra Marina Tours (who invited me on this trip) you are more than welcome to visit their website or to contact me.

You’re also invited to checkout my Ig Highlights for more videos from Loreto.

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