My Secret Trick to Cheap Round-Trips

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*This blog post is NOT sponsored*

I have lately got back from a round trip including Tel Aviv – Budapest – Milan – Tel Aviv.

The flight ticket for this trip cost me 254 USD total (I could even make it 40-50 USD cheaper, more details about that later).

I would say this is a pretty decent amount for these flight tickets, especially after comparing to other websites.

The trip was purchased via eightdays.me and after checking it for you, let me tell you how it works and was it worth it.

So what eightydays basically does is booking you with cheapest flights (mostly charter), helping you build the most affordable multi-city trip in Europe (in terms of flights).

First, enter the destination which you’re flying from and then pick a destination from various options, all seem to be in Europe at this point, like “sunny destinations in Europe”, “All countries in Europe”, “Best European cities to visit” and etc,.

Afterwards, you enter the wanted dates and then the magic happens. Eightydays are basically building you a few options for a multi-city round trip from 2 to 6 destinations in one round trip at the lowest fare they can find. Cool right?

So, here are my personal tips and a summary of my experience:

  1. When you purchase the flights, notice that the initial price does include taxes yet it doesn’t include a big luggage (like a 20 KG suitcase you want to send) but rather a carry on and a small bag. There is an option as you build your round-trip on the website to add more money and get the option to send your bag. I would say the difference between the original tickets to tickets with the option for a bigger luggage was about 40-50 USD for my trip.
  1. If you’re like me, you want to know all your options, so eightydays gives you the option to “play” with the amount of time you’d like to stay in each destination or the option shuffle to different destinations. Notice that in order to do that, you need to register to the site (it’s free).
  1. If there’s a specific destination in Europe you want to visit for sure in this round-trip you have the option to build your trip around it. For example, if you want your trip to include Iceland, then the search engine will build you a round-trip that will arrange Iceland to be one of the destinations, and give you the best option for a multi-city trip including Reykjavik.
  1. Nothing I like more than a good, personable, customer service! Got my boarding pass 48 Hours prior to the flight by mail. Also had a few questions, so I wrote to their FB page, and got a really great, fast service, providing me with solutions & information.

All in all, I would totally recommend flying with eightydays service – it’s completely legit, the service is great and I would sum it as a good value for money and I would definitely use it again. Just notice that it’s mostly chartered flights, which I personally don’t mind at most times, but not on 100% of my flights.

Hope this tip will help you travel more and get to new places.


  • I find it important to emphasize that eightydays didn’t pay me nor sponsored any of this, as I was planning to test their services and see if it’s really what they claim it to be (which it is). All my sponsored blog posts & IG posts come with a disclaimer.