Corinthia, St. George's Bay, Malta

I must start with saying – This review is very enthusiastic. First of all, because the hotel, the room, the food but mostly the service and dedication of the staff was really something you don’t encounter every day.

The second reason is that Malta was one of my best vacations in the past 2 years. The Corinthia St. George is a very big complex overviewing the beach

(Malta is an island after all).

The lobby is beautiful and makes a really good impression on a new comer.

Location Location Location

The hotel is located in St. George’s Bay, St. Julian, which is basically known for it’s tourism oriented business and in general I would say probably the best place to stay when in Malta.

What I specifically liked about St. George’s Bay is that it’s a more relaxed part of St. Julian and if you’re looking for a bit of peace & quite, yet still close to everything there is to see in Malta then I would probably suggest St. George’s Bay. There is also quite an array of restaurants nearby the hotel, so if you’re quite the foodie – the location will be perfect for you. One last thing – transportation by taxi is pretty cheap in Malta, and anywhere you’d like to go is close so in any case, you’re all set!


Our room was relatively specious, with the most amazing comfortable beds on could hope for. Check out our room view in the video.

Breakfast & Room Service

The breakfast is in a very Mediterranean style, with a lot fresh fruit & vegetables. It also has other options like the basic continental breakfast and in general the variety is great. You eat your breakfast with a view of the pool and bay itself – Couldn’t ask for more!


The hotel has a great business lounge with a view, spa and a great pool. Further information regarding amenities and reservations can be found on the Corinthia St. George’s Bay website.

I would really like to thank the Corinthia staff and marketing department for such hospitality and making our stay at the hotel the best!