Intercontinental Prague

Our weekend destination this time was Prague, Czech Republic.

We were looking for a 5 star hotel, located in old town Prague or near it. Moreover, we were also looking for spa services in the hotel itself, if possible as this long weekend was taken in order to get some R & R.

Location Location Location

The hotel is located right in the old town of Prague, A walking distance from most if not all of the tourist attractions, shopping and restaurants.


Our room was pretty specious, with the most ridiculous bathroom and a beautiful view of the Vlatva River.

Breakfast & Room Service

Breakfast is great and in general, we discovered the colinary options in Prague are best for lunch or dinner rather than breakfast.

As for room-service, I can only describe the variety on the menu, the service and taste of the food as no less than Superb! (Yes, I know)


The Intercontinental has the most amazing spa services. If you’re into a vacation that includes baths, massages, facial treatments and etc., I think you’ve just found your hotel.

I want to thank the Intercontinental on the most relaxing stay!